Preparing Puppet

So… as Steve Kindly lend us his lovely puppet.
We tried to make some changes to it.

The first thing we thought about is changing the head.
Going back to where we start this project, we really hope that we can use 3D printing for the head and faces.

Something like this… Obviously, we are not aiming such good quality industrialize pieces, but still, we were pretty optimistic about out result.

After few approaches… we kind of stop that idea, cause it is really not as easy as we thought it will be. (AGAIN! Just like we fail on the puppet’s silicone body…)

As you can see here… this is really not what we thought it will be and not what we are aiming for.

Therefore, we decided why not just print one head, and we can stick on the mouth or pupils later on. 


This is the first design, then we try to simplify it because the hair might look really messy with the light flashing in while shooting it.


After that, I tried several ways to colour it.


Start making chair.

For chair making…. it’s trickier…

I never work with this before… and to be honest, I am not a huge fan of foam boards. especially when I have to sand it and apparently sniff all the dust inside.

BUT, this methods seems working… so…Again, I started with measuring the character’s length of the leg so I know how tall the chair should be.
I cut off a 1 cm foam board and start sculpting it (sanding it really.)

After the rough shape forming… I trim a wooden round shape stick into the length (slight shorter) and I use thinner foam boards as it’s leg. (As shown in picture)


Some timelapse of making the chair.
YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image