Rough Cut crit

Its the rough cut crit today.

I got to say. Our film is still at a very rough stage. However, we still try to put together all we got at the moment.


YouTube Preview Image

Apart from saying that we really need to speed up the process. I will say the result we got is quite satisfying. Tutor seems happy with the stop-motion movements.

One thing we do need to be careful might be the eyes.
Someone mentioned that the eyes might be too obvious that it seems not blended as a part of the beans.

So we might want to lower the opacity or do some texture to overlap it.

Last two days of working progress!

Since it is actually a historical moment of finishing our lovely, wonderful animation! I finally to remind myself doing a screen time-lapse to capture what I manage to do in the last few hours (I think its roughly 7 hrs of recording)

Did some highlighting, some shadows for the character, some settle animation for the background. After that, compositing roughly in Premiere, and take the video as a reference putting it into Audition. Adding all the sound effects and keeping the master track on a steady level.

Finally, put everything back to Premiere and export them as Proress and H.264

Here is the link to the progress
YouTube Preview Image

Almost 2 weeks away.

So I was away back to home to see my mom cause she had been diagnostic breast cancer.

Anyway, while I was away, I manage to get some material and did a bit of test shoot in the hospital. I shot two scene which it is not exactly going as well as I thought, but at the moment, I am sure the quality isn’t what we are aiming for.

Because I was away and I miss the crit with Lucy and David (who from Children’s Society) Shaun suggested me that I should make a video explaining the rough animatic along the way. To make sure the client understand each step and decision I take during the process.


Rough cut animatic (improved version)

Me Explaining the concepts.

My roughest ever story board/animatic.

I was just drawing out the story straight away inside TvPaint, without really thinking about it. I love this kind of way to work around it, especially at the very early stage of a project. Therefore, rather than putting images that make them into a pdf with the description, I put them together. I guess it is not an animatic since there is not sound… and the timing are not correct either, but it is what it is!

According to Steve, as a very rough storyboard, there is not a necessary pattern that I have to follow. As long as it can communicate to the client what the idea is. It is a good job done.

Lip-sync: I am late for submission

When I realize that I actually have two lip-sync needs to complete, I am actually a week behind. I was really panicking since I know, by now, how long it can take to finish an animation.

So this short animation is really drawing about me.

I follow the process, went to find Kimo to use the recording studio to record my voice. Originally I only record: Ohh shoot, is it today?

After I animate a while, I realize there are something that seems missing in front of those words, I wanted to record again. However, the studios are fully booked by that time. All I can do is just use my phone to record and put it together. That will explain why the sound in the first bit ‘hello, yup, yup’s volume is quite low.


YouTube Preview Image

I notice that when he is picking up his phone, the hand is really weird. (which I try several times and even filming myself doing it, guess need more practice on drawing gestures). Another bit that is not successful is that when he turn around to look at the calendar, it did not fully turn around.


Weight, Balance, ANATOMY

Steve  start the class with a lovely stunning sacrifice of himself
(although he pretty much have fun with it)

02 03

Talking through joints and bone structures, etc.

The task today is to create a character lifting a heavy weight item.

Before jump into creating characters, we did some experiment
YouTube Preview Image

And I personally at home was doing something similar… to fit better to the character as well…( that explain the clothes)
YouTube Preview Image
Here is my both character, a bunny, and an alien.


basically the story is saying… |
The alien saw bunny pull out the carrot really easily, he wanna do it as well.
However realize it is rather hard… and keep trying.
ends up been pull back to the hole.

YouTube Preview Image


Here is a refine version after showing steve
YouTube Preview Image

Diving Exercise (with a ‘flickering board’)

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, after last time where I drew my slime creature. (although it seems a little bit hard to tell that it’s a slime) I absolutely love TV Paint.
Two reasons,

1. I think it can do a lot of things that you couldn’t achieve with analog drawings. For example… Undo, redo bottom LOL

2. In my personality, I am a person that really hate wasting things (for example food… I eat everything I order, even I am really full already. Lets probably the reason that I just cannot get thinner) and although practice drawing is soooooo important, but wasting a lot of paper at my stage ( a terrible drawing beginner) seems to me a great amount of wasting on papers. So I really do prefer drawing digitally.

However, there are always pros and cons right~

The negative side will be….
I still like the fluid feeling when the pencil touch paper, the sound of pencil drawing on paper, etc. It kinds of calm me down at the same time I drew. Therefore it is quite a  interesting choice that I have to make every time…


Anyway, back to the exercise.

One thing that occurs to me -> its getting harder LOL
which is a good thing, Challenges are always welcome! RIGHT~?

ANYWAY~take a look of the short clip and give me some feedback!
R.G. out

First ever hand-drawn animation!!

YouTube Preview Image


So this is my first ever hand-drawn animation (as titled)
Although it is simply like that…
I spend quite some time to finish that (including getting the legs, arms in the right position, fixing the head, etc) and, it is still not a ‘good walking cycle’
There are still some mistakes made in the animation.


1. when the left leg is lifting, it kind of shift a little bit which it looks unnatural
2. when we are moving (walking in this situation) body and head will move, which I did not draw that out… I was too focusing on the legs and forget about the body.
3. And there are definitely something that I did not notice…. haha, so please do point it out for me!

Now I understand why animation movie does not make a lot of money lol