Title?? The purpose?


this was the name that we are gonna name our film, but then I went to google this name… first thing that came up… guess what

this came up…

This is really fun fact… which is not our approach.


We then start to think about what exactly is our goal to achieve in this film?
Are we trying to make the audience laugh?
Are we putting our 6 months of hard work only to just for ppl to stair at it for 3 mins and stand up and forget about it?

I wouldnt think so. I hope this film has a deeper meaning which hopefully the audience can maybe somehow evaluate themselves after watching this.

The word HERO came into our mind.
Although we are not making a hero movie, but what the beans did inside the film are definitely heroic actions. Again, we thought about coffee as a daily drink. We cannot live without it, however, it is not often to find a person that truly appreciate what coffee brings to our life.

The word “Unsung Hero” bump into my head.

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