Bridge Scene

This is one of the shots where we change a lot from our storyboard.

Originally, this shot was suppose to cut into where the bridge has already been formed by the beans. However, A lot of people told us that they actually want to see beans forming up this bridge. So we change our idea slightly.

Due to timing problem, we try to narrow down the drawing we need to do. Therefore, we did the shot where we cut into they finished building the bridge and about to drop it down.

After that, we thought it might be a little bit too simple, might as well consider adding a shot where the beans trying to hold each other.

Here is two versions I did  for the holding shot

The Unsung Hero title shot

Putting a very heroic title name… it should come with a very epic opening…

This is why I made this:
YouTube Preview Image

After I show this to Boom… I can tell his face was like saying…. “Dude are you out of your mind… how does this fit to the film?”
Like this face.

So I went back and thought about it. Maybe we should show the audience that they are hard working labors who work together? By joining them together and use stop-motion to create a scene where the coffee gently form up the word “Unsung hero” may already send some message to the audience.

Title?? The purpose?


this was the name that we are gonna name our film, but then I went to google this name… first thing that came up… guess what

this came up…

This is really fun fact… which is not our approach.


We then start to think about what exactly is our goal to achieve in this film?
Are we trying to make the audience laugh?
Are we putting our 6 months of hard work only to just for ppl to stair at it for 3 mins and stand up and forget about it?

I wouldnt think so. I hope this film has a deeper meaning which hopefully the audience can maybe somehow evaluate themselves after watching this.

The word HERO came into our mind.
Although we are not making a hero movie, but what the beans did inside the film are definitely heroic actions. Again, we thought about coffee as a daily drink. We cannot live without it, however, it is not often to find a person that truly appreciate what coffee brings to our life.

The word “Unsung Hero” bump into my head.

Putting Beans in place

After finish animating each shot in TVPaint, I will export every individual bean into separate png sequence and put them into after effect. By doing so, it gave me more freedom on adjusting sizes or moving them around. but also creating shadows.

YouTube Preview Image

By using the 3D camera in after effect, I can easily place the original footage onto a flat axis and simply add effects to fill and blur the layer, which that will create a ‘shadow-ish’ image. After that, turning the opacity down and change the perspective of the footage, which will give it a really nice shadow.


This is the most difficult shot among all of them. The reason is simple, I cannot manage to pan the camera smooth enough that the footage came out really shaky. I have tried this several time.

The footage showing below is the best among all that I have tried:
YouTube Preview Image
However, I still feel this does not meet the requirement of this shot.

Which instead… I take all the different images that with DragonFrame, dragging them all into after effect, and pan the images one by one.
And this is the result:
YouTube Preview Image

Fixing some glasses

After finish all the stop-motion shoots, I start to work on some of the drawings as well. I have asked and take over all the eyes of the coffee beans.

Before actually start to animating different shots, I first start to clean the glasses for the clever bean. Due to there are movements that he will be turning around, so I think fixing and cleaning the photo, will speed up the process.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


later in this time-lapse video, I also record the moments where I start animating the clever bean.

Fixing the beans

In order to speed things up and the aesthetic of the film. Before start dragging the beans, we shoot. I clean different angles of them in photoshop. Soften edges and especially there are some “green” edges need to be changed to the right colour.

The green edges are because we shoot it above a green screen, in order to get a clean cut of the beans. However, the paper reflects the colour back to the bean…

YouTube Preview Image