Setting up our “Site”

Its a tough day…
Raining cats and dogs… and i forgot my ID… need to go back and grab it and waste a lot of time…. but at the end, we kind of make this happen… At last.


One issue we face along the way is to create “office light” (ambient) Something more or less like these in the set… but the light we had can only be stuck onto a stick and stays on the ground…. So I kind of dismantled one part from the stick and stack both of them with a X shape… and hang it horizontally facing down.  Therefore kind of achieve the feeling of the light above.

and because the light is not strong enough… I used the huge foam board as a reflective face for another light. So we can have some overall light coming from the top.


For the floor, we try to use a dark non-woven fabric to cover the ground so it doesn’t reflect too much light back to the character. 

Start making chair.

For chair making…. it’s trickier…

I never work with this before… and to be honest, I am not a huge fan of foam boards. especially when I have to sand it and apparently sniff all the dust inside.

BUT, this methods seems working… so…Again, I started with measuring the character’s length of the leg so I know how tall the chair should be.
I cut off a 1 cm foam board and start sculpting it (sanding it really.)

After the rough shape forming… I trim a wooden round shape stick into the length (slight shorter) and I use thinner foam boards as it’s leg. (As shown in picture)


Some timelapse of making the chair.
YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image