Start making props!

Few props that I decided to start with is the tables.
They are the biggest item in the whole office. When the audience is not looking at the character, they will be looking around for different stuff. I want the table to be strong and bulky enough for the set to look real. And hopefully to satisfy audiences’ eyes.

Working progress time lapse:

This first video is me working on Illustrator to print out templates for me to cut accordingly. I used the actual size of the Character (Mr.Kun) and imagine him sitting down… what is the height of the table should be…
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

The reason it looks kinda shaky is that I am literally standing up and down all the time…. Becuase of the foam board is too big… I cannot cut it on my desk, need to cut it on the floor lol.

Decision making

We have made a decision on the method!

Stop motion animation of the set and Mr.Kun + 2D drawing for the beans and the ‘monster’. And we are start building props for the setting.

Although at the same time we had another thought about having Mr.Kun cutting out and stick him onto another board and shoot it frame by frame.

this is our reference:
7204YouTube Preview Image

which of course… they have budget…


So… material wise… we are probably going for foam boards and cutting them one by one by hand…I am not too sure however if this is a good idea or not though. Considering about the consistent of the film.

Acting Out…

LAVS- Live Action Video Shoot.


If you done it correctly….. I think…


The reason I said that is because maybe before this, we really should settle all the camera angles and position, layout… stuff like that… otherwise it will not be as useful as it can be…


Here are some images reference for the day
(I did not put in all the videos in…as there are only for reference anyway.)

The rough animatic?

We talk more about characters this week.

Before I started… Let me show the rough animatic first.
YouTube Preview Image

So we struggle quite a lot of how the “monster” should look like….So at the moment… We use a cursor to represent it… I think it works alright  since it meant to be going around and changing into different forms. In this case, a tiny arrow can do a lot in terms of characteristic.

Personally I think the bit after grinding the coffee where coffee beans form a bridge going across to our accountant character is a little bit hard to achieve… However the feedback we received is that a lot of them like it and will like it to be on action


Following with a character design sheet: