Roughest rough sketch ever!

Here are some images we produce along way….


These two are the very first two characters we had.
One bean which is shot by phone (Samsung s8 get quite a nice camera…) Then draw on top of it with arms, legs, and a face.

The other one with the main character we are still trying to work it out with the 7 questions… who is he… how old is he… etc. but its always nice to get some images done I suppose.



Below are some styles and colour palette we found amazing… that we might take into consideration later on. The two still images are taken from the animation called: Afternoon Class by. Seoro Oh


Class with Clare



as usual, we start the class by telling each other our own story and try to shorten the time we tell them. which get to know what is the bone of the story.

By talking it through, again and again, the story get to refine and refine until we are fully confident of persuading the audience with the world we want to create.

We figure out what kind of monster or form that the deadline should be like – which is a creature that can morph into different shapes just like a green lantern’s ring.

so during the first phase of coffee fighting with the hand,

  1. Coffee beans will try to burn themselves and fan their scent over to the animator
    One of the fingers will turn into an electric fan and blow away the scent.
  2. Coffee beans will form up a crossbow and fire one of the beans to attach the hand.
    Another finger turns into a shield block the attack.
  3. one of the coffee beans will sacrifice itself and turn itself into a cup of coffee.

So we have a variety fighting scenes and finally a very heroic moment (Climax)

Clare actually thinks the structure is pretty nice.

The coffee idea

So we end up choosing none of the ideas I mentioned earlier.

That is alright, we struggle, we disappoint at ourselves, we want to wash our brain inside out so we can have some inspiration and some new ideas.

After a while of taking out our brain and washing them, try to make it nice and clean. This action does not give us any new ideas but sleepiness.

Yes, we are falling asleep.

I stand up, telling Boom: “I need some coffee.”

this is the moment that the idea struck both of us almost at the same time.

“Why don’t we make a film about how coffee fight sleepiness?!!”


we start to brainstorm,

who should be sleepy?
what is the thing that makes he/she sleepy?
why is the thing want to make he/she sleepy?
where is this happening??
how does this thing make he/she fall asleep?
when is he/she falling asleep?

Its almost midnight, he/she should be an animator working towards he/she’s deadline. The deadline is giving he/she a lot of pressure which makes he/she falls asleep.

The Duo project

Boom and I are working together on our graduation film together.

End of the post.








nah, joking…


so this was wht happened:


Reggie: Boom, do you wanna do this film together? I got some strength on composing and I quite like your drawing style. I have a terrible weakness though – DRAWING.

Boom: Ya, that might be a good idea.

Reggie: Are you sure? I really have a terrible drawing skill which means you will have to do a lot of visual speaking for two of us.

Boom: we all got our strength and weakness, let us try to come up a story first?


So that was the very beginning of the idea.

we start to brainstorming ideas.


We came up with 3 different ideas:

  1. Creatures living in all objects – How does a bottle feeling when you drink it?
  2. Father and son playing video games, but after his father passed away, He struggled to win his father’s record, because whenever he plays it, he can still imagine that his father is with him
  3. A character that is lack of in-betweens.

so we end up choosing…. none of them