Adding some SFX

I always like to find a specific background music for every piece that I make.
The reason is that I think if I can find a great tune to it, the animation can definitely communicate more than a plain background.

I found my background music for this piece in

It is quite a nice place to find free music to put in the video, some of them might ask you to put credits on or some of them are just completely free.

Anyway, I show the version with both soundtrack and background music to Steve. Apparently, I put the BGM way too loud that he couldn’t hear the soundtrack speaking. He suggested that instead of putting BGM, why don’t I try some atmosphere soundtrack? some ambients maybe.

I actually never thought about that but it is definitely worth a try! I went back and start putting together a new version with some outdoor playground sound and some outdoor pool tunes into the video, the animation does communicate even better than I thought. However, I still like some BGM at the back… So I keep the BGM with -20 level, just to make sure everything can be noticed in the film.





Composing in After Effect

Personally, I will say I really enjoy playing around with AfterEffect, the things that you can achieve in After Effect is outstanding and often with amazing qualities.

After finish shooting, I realize from the 3D CGI scene to the next scene where the black ball encounter with Children’s Society, it has not much of connections.
this is what the original clip look like:


Cause the previous scene is falling down, I thought if I made the ball falls down, it will make much more sense. So this is what I did…. (probably the weird and ‘take ages’ way)

I duplicate the same layer, and mask on of them out. Use the other one as a background.


Then I photoshopped one of the spheres into a single file png, that I can animate with. I animate it dropping from the top of it and adding some dropping expressions to it so it looks more ‘nature’

I also animate a shadow that follows through the ball. After few frames, I then combine the original footage with it so they can match and it won’t looks weird. 


The Finish version:



Making the leaves

At the second scene of the film, I want to show that there is a force that takes away his foster brother. Which then it reminds me I can use the wind to demonstrate that action.  At first, I thought I will draw out the wind after I finish shooting the animation with TVPaint or other programs. However, I was inspired from some of year 2’s work and I will like to develop some of the leaves fall with stop-motion animation. After having this idea, my first idea was to hang the leaves and animate it frame by frame falling down… Steve suggested that will actually take wayyyyyy toooooo much unnecessary work, which I can simply green screen it (which in this case I use blue screen)

Here is some process I made the leaves:


This is the wire I used to create the shape of the leaves.

This is the first method, I try to stick the paper with the wire with double sided tape, and it is totally a fail. The tape does not sticky enough to hold the paper.


The second method I tried is using glue gun, which it really works nicely, I just simply have to watch out it and cut all the edges carefully after it dry and cool down.


Start shooting with blue screen~