A inside world -02

As I show the short bit of CGI to Shaun, he suggested that there is no need for the camera movement, which it might confuse the audience that it is a lonely feeling. The better way might be just simply let the ball sit at a corner and maybe the spotlight can then focus on it.

After I change it. I realize that the soundtrack is saying that ‘when I left school’
which mean that I might need some sort of transition in between the shots. I thought about falling out the box. Then I have to find a way to do it. Since the box is sealed and I have no idea how to animate a box constructing a door or suddenly appear a door.

A inside world

Although Steve was mentioning that I should try to draw out inside the mind of the character, but again, I rather test a different way, a new way that I can learn about different things. Therefore, I went off to Maya and start picturing a lonely world. Although it is not the first time I use Maya, but it is certainly something that I am not use to. I spend some time building up the set, however, the set looks really bored.


Its 4 walls with a ball. inside a box.

Adding some spotlight and camera movement. In order to make the camera move in a circle path. I learned how to attached camera to a motion path so it will always stay on the path. By using a ‘camera with aim’ I can position the aim in the center of the sphere, so the camera will always point toward the ball.

Finish animated version:

Some props

Here is some prop making process.



Almost 2 weeks away.

So I was away back to home to see my mom cause she had been diagnostic breast cancer.

Anyway, while I was away, I manage to get some material and did a bit of test shoot in the hospital. I shot two scene which it is not exactly going as well as I thought, but at the moment, I am sure the quality isn’t what we are aiming for.

Because I was away and I miss the crit with Lucy and David (who from Children’s Society) Shaun suggested me that I should make a video explaining the rough animatic along the way. To make sure the client understand each step and decision I take during the process.


Rough cut animatic (improved version)

Me Explaining the concepts.

Morphing references.

Here is some reference that I find during the research about using my character in the short film. Mio Mao is definitely has a huge influence on me in this particular piece. The way it changes from the character into a geometric shape and morphs it back is great.


Mio Mao – is an ItalianBritish children’s TV show produced by Misseri Studios & Mad Mouse Productions, L+H Films


This is another one that I found with smooth morphing and at the same time with a variety of different morphings.



This one is not just fun to watch, but I really like the colour of the film and most importantly, they timing on every frame is great.