Clare Murphy – The Story Teller

I got to say, today’s class, it is absolutely FABULOUS

I totally agreed with her from the very beginning of the section.

—– Learning is through playing —-

Then she told us to do some really weird stuff…
We start by counting 1.2.3 with another person. Then replacing the numbers with an action, for example, replacing 2 with a clap, replacing 3 with a heavy step.

At first, I found it really hard, I constantly have to think about which is the number or action that I have to do/say next. Then after few rounds, it becomes more of a subconscious feeling and it kind of flew by itself.
She explains that all this game is trying to get us out of the frozen are of our brain, get us out of the left brain and start to use the right brain which is where the creativity comes from.

One other game that I totally get into it is… the antic shop?( not sure about the name)
Clare brought few random items and put them on the floor then we start to imagine what these items ‘really are’. For example, there is this flat piece of round shape steel plate. People were arguing this piece of metal is actually a time machine, a weapon, a disc that contains classify information, etc. That was really a lot of fun!

She also tell great stories!

After telling the stories, she broke down the story structure and tell us how normally story structures: (The bones)

Once upon a time …..
This lead to….

She said if we can try to structure our own story into these 5 simple sentence and then build on that, it will be a great story!

Helping out with Second Year’s Graduation film

I was assigned to Ty, a nice Cantonese guy. He is working on his graduation film in 3D production.
When I contact him, he is still building his main character for the film. I was asking him what can I do for him. He asked me if I can helping to sculpt the character in ZBrush. I was really not sure about it. Since it is the graduation film, I feel like I shouldn’t take on such an important job especially I have really little experience in ZBrush. I told him that I am not familiar with the program and ask him if I can do something else?

He then set me another task which is to model a bar table for a scenario along with some stools and some beer bottles.

Lip-sync: I am late for submission

When I realize that I actually have two lip-sync needs to complete, I am actually a week behind. I was really panicking since I know, by now, how long it can take to finish an animation.

So this short animation is really drawing about me.

I follow the process, went to find Kimo to use the recording studio to record my voice. Originally I only record: Ohh shoot, is it today?

After I animate a while, I realize there are something that seems missing in front of those words, I wanted to record again. However, the studios are fully booked by that time. All I can do is just use my phone to record and put it together. That will explain why the sound in the first bit ‘hello, yup, yup’s volume is quite low.


YouTube Preview Image

I notice that when he is picking up his phone, the hand is really weird. (which I try several times and even filming myself doing it, guess need more practice on drawing gestures). Another bit that is not successful is that when he turn around to look at the calendar, it did not fully turn around.