Drawing trip to British Museum!

This Wednesday, we were at the British Museum. Maryclare asked us to produce 5 drawing on the same object and at the same time need to show where it is located. So just like the other drawing trips, we need to show the location/ settings of the object that we are drawing.

(Click the link below to see the images)
5 images of 1 object
 actually only manage to do 4 due because of the time.

After the images, again, we were ask to come up with a storyboard that has some sort of relations to the museum.

(Click the link below to see the storyboard)
Storyboard in British museum


Afterwards, I had a tutorial with her. The opinions I had with the drawings are:

  • Great scales and good details on the location
  • Try to put more tone to the drawings so there are some depth inside.

The opinion I get with the storyboard:

  • Maybe need few drawings in between with the man’s pov to the 3rd person’s pov.
    • she said it is a little bit confusing whether who is looking at the character or…?
  • Again need some depth
  • Because there seem no people inside the museum, try to show the time of the location, is it at night? or day time? if it’s daytime, why isn’t there any people inside the museum?

Lip-sync setup by tutor

Here is the lip sync that set up by Steve.

I actually misunderstand what he meant when I get this brief….
I thought what we are doing is to animate whatever the man in the story is talking. However, what we suppose to do is animate the story teller and everything she said.

So I got two version of it. One with mustache, one without. I try to animate speaking with the mustache on, it is very hard to see the mouth opening and closing, so I decide to get rid of it, although, even without it, still a little bit hard to tell what is he talking about. (because of the shaking head)

After that, we were ask to morph the character into another person’s character, and be sure this has to be under 5 seconds.

YouTube Preview Image
This one is more of a line test

YouTube Preview Image
This one is the one that I misunderstand the task…

YouTube Preview Image
This is the final one.

Playing with CelAction

We get introduce to the CelAction Animation program today.
I will say they have quite some similarity with TVPaint and some pros and cons.

With TVPaint, you get to draw directly (if you need to fix something)
However, with CelAction, it is more likely you finish everything either in Photoshop or Illustrator and then bring the files into the program then animate it.

The pros about CelAction, I will say there is a lot of different functions for animating characters, A lot of different movement that you can apply to ( which might take sometimes to learn all of them) but it will get handy for sure. For the very first day of using it. I found the function curve extremely useful. It tells you where the frames are related to each other, at the same time with the speed and position. So its very useful for effects like ease in/out or movements that make the character less robotic.


We did two different exercise today, one with a complete rigged character and we are the animators making the movements (see below)
Our task for this one is for one of them sort of jump over the other and interact with it.

YouTube Preview Image

The other task today is to build up a rig which the image has already been provided. Making it to a rig then make some simply animation about it.

I will say how good the animation is has a certain parts that related to how good the rig is. In this case, the rig is pretty simply, less body part so the movement that we are able to make are limited. Therefore the result are not as good as the first one.

YouTube Preview Image

Sing – The Animation


Just had a chance to go and watch the Sing which is currently released in cinema. It is a story about a theater named Moon were used to a “palace of wonder” until now it is having financial issues and will be taking by the bank, in the meantime the guy who runs this theater came up with an idea of singing competition.

Thereafter a bunch of participants join in with passionate on singing, and they have been through millions of challenges and eventually hold a impressive show and gained the theater back.

The animation tells background stories behind each of them, from housewife to robber, and they become an interesting group but with natural talent on singing which shows the contrast and the audience is absolutely surprised by that.

sing-trailer-2-1There are quite a few scenes about dancing, and the movement of each characters is done really well. The story is based on animal characters, diverse creatures from giant as elephant, to tiny like squid, the environment for them to live is well designed logically, there is a water road for fishes. Apart from those creatures need to live under water, the rest of creatures all human-like with appropriate little difference.

One of the creative idea in this film, is about using hundreds of squids as lighting on the stage, they change colours with the music and can be sensitive as when people moving on the stage they can shine under follow the path which is stunning.


Stopmotion Animation-Facial Expression


This is the main character

The story is simple:
The Character sees a caterpillar and it change it into a butterfly that scares the crap out of it. (I change the story a bit at the end which is a little bit different then my story board)




storyboard_03 storyboard_06 storyboard_08 storyboard_10 storyboard_11 storyboard_14 storyboard_01


Making a butterfly’s bone structure for the plasticine to cover around it. ( at the end did not use it because i build it way too big….)


The actual size is almost half of the character… so way too big.

Use this butterfly instead



Here is the short video 🙂
YouTube Preview Image