Lovely chicken animation (Happy Chinese New Year)

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Saw this animation (I think it is from angry bird) on this special day of the year to all Chinese people.
It is the Chinese New Year, the year of rooster (my year)

Information for those people don’t understand how does this work:
There were 12 different animal in Chinese traditional calender which they all represent different meaning, and each of them take a year.

I was born in the year of rooster (24 years ago)
The sign goes around every 12 years.

(here is more information:


Anyway, back to the animation.

I think it is quite lovely that a chicken fall in love with a worm.
At the very end of the story… I thought there will be some sort of a twist that the chicken will ate the worm…. but thank god there is no suck scene in it. However, it also says that…. It doesn’t even know which one is the worm it fall in love into.

In terms of the movement, I think it really stand out how the chicken using it’s wings just like hands. And the animation was really smooth and successful!

3D robot

Found this lovely rig online

Rigged by: Niklas Wennersten
Modelled by: Andreas Karlsson/Aimbiz.


Thought it might just do the job what I want it to be.

The simply story-line is: A robot is waiting for it’s rescue spaceship to come to save him. Finally the ship arrived, but the next second, it exploded.

YouTube Preview Image

This is more of a overall view of what is going on in the scene. I notice that with the ship and exploration inside. It seems the character’s movement aren’t so smooth, in fact quite fast. However, in the version down below, where it has the same speed, but a different point of view, the robot’s movement seems quite alright.

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Luckily spot this Spanish Animation.

I thought this is absolutely amazing.
There is no lines, only background music (there is always a nice touch with these kind of animations)

Through looking at the dad and the child, It begin to lead us re-think about what we do everyday. Our daily life. Lead us to come to the question: Is this the life I want? Is this the life I want with my child? with my family?

Don’t let your life take away your colour.

Building my own 4 legs animal rig

Today we start with some sketching of horses

I had thress drawings one is a really slim-ish horse (doesn’t really look like a horse though); one is quite a fat horse, the last one is just a normal one.162223894644469212




Then start to build:
some new skill that I learn today is probably how to combine different object (body part) together. Thats what I did with the horse below.



With the image above, you can kind of tell they are different objects ( they are not yet combine together at this stage.)

However… after a while, my computer crash… and for some reason, I thought I save, but it did not lol. So I kind of give up on the horse and start something else again.



I start to try to model the otter I was researching into with the creature design.
although I haven’t got a full structure of it. I manage to found some images on web and use the as a guild.

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Overall, I think I made some progress today, First time finish a 4 leg animal.
Next step is probably trying to build the bone structure and start animating it.