Stop Motion trial~!

YES! I am super excited and have been waiting for this day for soooooo long.
I worked on stop motion before, although I know how it can be so labor intensive and need extremely detail work towards it….I still absolutely love it.

I love how you can animate object straight away in real life ( although most of the time it tends to need a lot of polishing to the object) which probably not exactly the same as what I am going to show you below. but in general I think this is really the area that I love the most. (in animation)


Start with the class, we were ask to pose the dog armature.

  1. sit down
  2. a pose when dog are really happy that their owner come home20161128_120629 20161128_120732 20161128_120734 20161128_120736 20161128_120739
  3.  playful dog that when they are waiting to catch a ball20161128_121205 20161128_121207 20161128_121211 20161128_121222 20161128_121225 20161128_121230


Then we start to animate the walk cycle.
we were told to first shoot the walk cycle with some reference position (which is the key positions) and render it as a reference video. show this video to tutor and see if they are good enough to start to animate.

After that put the reference video in and make sure which frame is the key positions. (note them down in dragon frame) and then start to fill in the in-betweens.


Reference video
YouTube Preview Image

Dog walk cycle
YouTube Preview Image


Building my rig




These pictures are the process of building the bone structures today.

YouTube Preview Image
the video showing that we build a control for twisting the leg.

YouTube Preview Image
After finish building all the controls and getting the bone to start moving.


Then we start to learn the basic of modeling.
below is the two plane I build, try to make one that looks kind of futuristic and one that is very modern.

227852523494670849 756639751621775708

716788736249388529  820498840367614266



Helping the Year 2 with their project~

Steve sent us an email saying that how the year 2 are so desperately looking for helps to do the in-betweens the other day ….

I found it a perfect opportunity for me to practice!!!

(I am not sure if I can post the imgs of their project, I will ask and update the post)
I was group up with a guy call Allen, doing this scene of lulu.
I was asked to do an in-between where the husband (or male character) is being told off and pulling out from the sofa by his wife (female character) and quickly being pull toward a door. And toward the piano.

I absolutely like the style of the drawing and how they are going to painted afterwards sounds amazing as well!

I am very glad I can be part of the project and really hoping I can do more to help (I am not sure if my drawings are good enough to fit in the inbetweens to be honest)


One thing  that I founds it very interesting:
I thought in-betweens are probably very straight forward which simply draw out the img in between two key positions. However, in a complex movement, it can be very different and you can add very different poses into it. Although its just one frame, a fragment of one second, it can still make huge difference.

below is few of the in-betweens that I did for them

79543109194628749 228552694519583422 365756490682861311 400949212504614133554459410035197796

Weight, Balance, ANATOMY

Steve  start the class with a lovely stunning sacrifice of himself
(although he pretty much have fun with it)

02 03

Talking through joints and bone structures, etc.

The task today is to create a character lifting a heavy weight item.

Before jump into creating characters, we did some experiment
YouTube Preview Image

And I personally at home was doing something similar… to fit better to the character as well…( that explain the clothes)
YouTube Preview Image
Here is my both character, a bunny, and an alien.


basically the story is saying… |
The alien saw bunny pull out the carrot really easily, he wanna do it as well.
However realize it is rather hard… and keep trying.
ends up been pull back to the hole.

YouTube Preview Image


Here is a refine version after showing steve
YouTube Preview Image