The Wallet_Chasing Scene

Its been a while for this project (roughly 3 weeks?)
we spend 2 days roughly per week to get together and discuss the details, things like to are we going to cooperate in the shooting, what is the role for everyone, etc.

Here are some of our discussion from Facebook group:

  1. We were all sit down and agree to come up a story in two days then we can pick the one we like about, below are some stories and story board.

Story_01 This is the story I wrote

Story board done by Ruoyu


Story Board done by Judy

We then all decide to go with Ruoyu’s idea.
where a girl went drunk and comes out of Halloween Party (fit the time)
and suddenly she realize that someone is chasing her…it ends up that the main character drop her wallet in the party and the chaser is simply trying to return it to her.

Refine Story Board:




We thought about using GoPro to shoot some first person view angle that will give the audience more ‘scary’ feel to it. However, we are shooting at night, we try to record a lot of scenes but when we go back and take a look, they are all black T^T which leads us to the problem of short in footage….

some street views of our location:

33910767910214805479515105097127131 filehelper_1478273545443_82




Edited version_1(without Sound):
YouTube Preview Image

Edited version_2(with Sound and refine some edit):
YouTube Preview Image

Diving Exercise (with a ‘flickering board’)

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, after last time where I drew my slime creature. (although it seems a little bit hard to tell that it’s a slime) I absolutely love TV Paint.
Two reasons,

1. I think it can do a lot of things that you couldn’t achieve with analog drawings. For example… Undo, redo bottom LOL

2. In my personality, I am a person that really hate wasting things (for example food… I eat everything I order, even I am really full already. Lets probably the reason that I just cannot get thinner) and although practice drawing is soooooo important, but wasting a lot of paper at my stage ( a terrible drawing beginner) seems to me a great amount of wasting on papers. So I really do prefer drawing digitally.

However, there are always pros and cons right~

The negative side will be….
I still like the fluid feeling when the pencil touch paper, the sound of pencil drawing on paper, etc. It kinds of calm me down at the same time I drew. Therefore it is quite a  interesting choice that I have to make every time…


Anyway, back to the exercise.

One thing that occurs to me -> its getting harder LOL
which is a good thing, Challenges are always welcome! RIGHT~?

ANYWAY~take a look of the short clip and give me some feedback!
R.G. out

Stick Animations!

Video made by Alan Becker
YouTube Preview Image
A lot of you probably know this already.
This was release in 2011 while the first episode is in 2007.

It is interesting now when I saw it again (I was browsing random animations on youtube) after several years. After I start to understand and learn animation.
I realize even it is simply like stick figures, it still takes quite a lot of effort to animate them! In fact, how the stickman moves and the SFX behind that were all very smoothly done!  Amazing short animation!

feel free to watch the other episodes 😛

First ever hand-drawn animation!!

YouTube Preview Image


So this is my first ever hand-drawn animation (as titled)
Although it is simply like that…
I spend quite some time to finish that (including getting the legs, arms in the right position, fixing the head, etc) and, it is still not a ‘good walking cycle’
There are still some mistakes made in the animation.


1. when the left leg is lifting, it kind of shift a little bit which it looks unnatural
2. when we are moving (walking in this situation) body and head will move, which I did not draw that out… I was too focusing on the legs and forget about the body.
3. And there are definitely something that I did not notice…. haha, so please do point it out for me!

Now I understand why animation movie does not make a lot of money lol